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4 iPhone Apps for the Home

The Apple ad happily claims that there is an “App for that” so we looked to see what apps there are for the Home. Here are the 4 apps we found.

Zara HomeZara Home iPhone Screen

Zara Home iPhone AppThe Zara Home app is pretty but that is where my compliments end. It is nothing more than a front end for their website.  The opening screen offers 2 options, Zara Home and Zara Home Kids.  From there you have the option of viewing What’s New, Showroom, Catalogue and Gift Ideas.

Each of these options lead to a set of either product photos or photos of a room. There is no information to accompany what you are looking at. The only button present is the buy button. Don’t get excited, this simply links to their website. The Catalogue section is not even broken up into categories.

mydecomydeco iPhone App Screen

mydeco iPhone AppThe mydeco app is really good fun. You can browse their catalogue and view the items in full 3d, allowing you to rotate the item and zoom in. What’s more you can take a photo of the room you would like the item to go in and see it in place. This feature works really well and when you are done you can save the final photo or share it with friends.

It is not obvious at first but when viewing a product you can press the ‘i’ button on the top right to view the product details and user reviews. The only thing missing is the ability to buy the item. It does not even offer a direct link to the product on their site.

IKEA Catalogue 2010 UKIKEA Catalogue 2010 UK App Screen

IKEA Catalogue 2010 UK AppWhat can we say about the Ikea Catalogue app. It is their printed catalogue viewable as an app, nothing more and it is hard to have anything less. You cannot browse specific products or search. All you can do is flick through the pages. There are a lot of pointless apps out there and this ranks among them. It is a shame as we expected more from Ikea.

ColorChangeColorChange iPhone App Screen

ColorChange iPhone AppThis app allows you to take a photo of your room and see what it would look like in a different colour. Simply take a photo, select the area you wish to change and use the drag bar to alter the hue, saturation, brightness and blend. Sounds great but sadly selecting an item to re-colour is time consuming and tricky. You can use their “magic” option for selection but it does not work very well. There is potential here, let’s hope they release an update soon that improves on what they have.

For Home & Me pick – mydeco

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